Social customer engagement excellence

We provide end-to-end social customer service and engagement solutions that protect and enhance your brand and provide a great experience for your customers. Our solutions help you setup correctly, scale efficiently and ensure actionable customer insights are fed back to your business.

A NixonMcInnes alumni initiative

It's time to start taking social customer engagement seriously

Too many businesses fail to take social customer service and engagement seriously. This is costly and provides a poor customer experience. It also poses a reputational threat to your brand. Our mission is to convince you that you should take social customer service seriously. Whether you’re just starting up, or wanting to develop a 360° customer care centre, our background and expertise can help you create, operationalise and scale a world class customer experience.

We are the most experienced consultants in creating social customer engagment strategies for regulated companies

We designed and implemented the first social customer service solution for a UK bank, and we work closely with regulators such as the FCA to help firms navigate the regulatory requirements of social media safely and efficiently.


If your customers are trying to contact you on social media and you are not responding you are damaging your business…

BrightCultures services

We tailor all of our solutions so that they are right for your organisation.

Some examples are below, or you can contact us for more information on how we can create something bespoke for you.

Our service mix ensures that we tackle all areas of the organisation that influence digital success, so that they can work together to deliver resilience

How we can help you

Wherever you are in your social media journey, we can support you.


Pre-launch services

We work with you and your teams to define what your social media customer strategy looks like and then help you get the tools, processes and skills in place to deliver this. Specifically we offer:

  • Initial design consultancy: to explore vision and goals, understand your audiences and their needs, resourcing and capabilities available and uncover any internal or other stakeholder barriers or opportunities
  • Servicing strategy and design
  • Content strategy and design
  • Service model including plans for scaling
  • Defined social tone and approach
  • Social media servicing community guidelines
  • Process workflows
  • Tools requirements gathering and vendor selection advice and support
  • Agents selection, training and assessment pack
  • Crisis assessment framework and management plan
  • Measurement and MI design

Operationalising and scaling

For many businesses, social customer engagement has grown up as an ad hoc addition to their standard customer service touchpoints and is often run by comms or marketing teams who simply parcel out issues to the existing customer service teams or direct customers to telephony.

If this is true of your business, we can help you transform and grow your servicing so it works optimally for your business and your customers. Starting with an initial design consultancy, we deliver:

  • Objective audit of current servicing model and delivery and optimised model for scaling
  • Review of existing servicing support materials and recommendations
  • New agents selection, training and assessment pack

Reputation management

If you do not have a robust crisis identification and management plan in place, your social customer engagement and servicing activity presents a significant risk to your business. Social media is public and issues can quickly go viral, affecting your brand reputation and even impacting your share value. Our reputation management service protects you from this risk, by helping you understand your risk potential and providing:

  • Social media risk assessment
  • Crisis assessment balanced scorecard
  • Crisis response and management plan
  • Agents and comms training on crisis identification, assessment and handling
  • Crisis simulations

Insight and  MI

How we help:
Social customer engagement provides a unique insight into the customer’s needs. If you are not setup to capture this insight, feed it back into the business and act on it, you are failing to maximise your activity and evolve your customer experience effectively.

We can work with you to understand what tools you have and what data you extract and understand how information and MI flows through the organisation, creating:

  • Metrics that link to your desired business and service outcomes
  • Measurement frameworks
  • MI designs for agents, leadership and exec
  • Social data visualisation design and support
  • Customer insight strategy

Who we are

BrightCultures is led by Danielle Sheerin and Caz Yetman – the most experienced consultants in setting up social customer service for regulated organisations.  

They believe that digital and social media should drive customer value, and they’re passionate about helping organisations put their customers first.

Previously working at top digital transformation consultancy, NixonMcInnes, Caz and Danielle have 15 years experience between them of implementing social media solutions for big brands and government departments.

During this time, they have developed a special interest in the financial sector and have a strong desire to help regulated organisations face the challenge that digitally empowered customers present it.

BrightCultures is proud to work with some of the UK’s leading industry experts, partners and associates including Michelle Goodall, Martin Hill-Wilson, Gary Jenkins and Adrian Swinscoe, as well as the rest of the NixonMcInnes team. Danny is also a member of HiveMind’s Expert Practitioner Community.

Next Steps

We can support you on a full programme of work like the ones outlined above, or help you design bespoke projects according to your specific needs, so why not drop us a line at today to see how we can help your organisation embrace your social customers?

"The customer, transparency and accuracy are always at the forefront of every idea or process delivered. Being able to work within strict FCA guidelines in a creative space has proved challenging, however, Danielle has overcome each hurdle with ease without allowing her creative ideas to diminish. Danielle has been a real pleasure to work along side and I hope this continues into the future."

− Richard Atkinson: Vice President - Digital Experience & Content, Barclaycard

"The partnership with BrightCultures and our team on our social strategy has been fantastic. Matching Danielle and Caz with our internal delivery team and our leadership has really worked for us. I love the way they work, and they have helped us deliver some great things, so thank you.

− VP Comms - large UK credit card provider

"You have given us a real gift – very special time and space to align and consolidate the fundamentals of our work. You hosted us brilliantly and your methods and the fun and sense of friendship that you brought really made us all feel at home and work at our best."

− Charlotte Millar, Strategist - Finance Innovation Lab