How do you know if your social customer service is a success?

Danielle Sheerin

I was asked the other day how I knew when a social media customer service solution is a success.

Of course, any good servicing design should include a measurement and MI framework that can answer this precisely and provide exact insight into how close you are to achieving success and what you need to do next.

However, there are some simple ‘litmus test’ clues that I think can show if you have the right approach.

1. Your customers are happy. Sure they will still have issues and complaints and you will never make absolutely everyone happy but when you are getting regular ‘thank-yous’ on your social media channels, for the help you have provided, you are doing OK

2. Your business is happy. By this I mean all your internal stakeholders are aligned to what you are doing and supportive. They are comfortable that the solution is robust and scalable and that the brand reputation is not only safe but actively supported by the social media servicing activity.

3. Your social customer service agents are happy. I have recruited and trained many social customer service agents and when I do so, I know that because the approach is right, I am helping them step into a new role that they will love. And they do. I hear it time and time again. They love being able to engage as an individual and surprise and delight the customer. They empathise with the customer’s issues and feel better connected to the business.

4. You can see actionable insight being fed into the business and changing customer experience for the better. This indicates that the business take social customer servicing seriously. Moreover, they take the customer seriously and are driving genuine improvements.

So, I’d recommend you ask yourself if your social customer service program is working in this way for you. If not, it should raise some warning bells and may need some work before it can be said to be truly a success.