Does your social media customer service measure up?

Does your social media customer service measure up?

Danielle Sheerin

Social media customer support is now something most businesses and organisations offer to one extent or another.

In many cases social media servicing is just something that has happened because customers started sending queries on Twitter and Facebook.

Usually the marketing or comms team starts to notice these and respond. Demand grows and the customer service team are drafted in to start dealing with support issues, often with little specialist training in social media best practice or etiquette. Worse still, in many businesses customers are still passed back into traditional channels to get their issues resolved.

It’s all very ad hoc and passive, and this is a problem. It means that:

  1. You are missing out on a strategic opportunity to learn from your customers in a systemic way. If social media servicing is just an add on, you cannot evolve it to support wider business objectives, e.g. through proactive servicing that adds value, saves money and creates internal efficiencies. You need strategy.
  2. You are not offering the best service to your customers. Unless you have specially trained agents offering end-to-end service to your customers on social media you are simply creating frustration and friction as customers get a slow, fragmented and impersonal experience. You need quality.
  3. You are exposing your organisation to risk. Without the correct processes, escalations, crisis plans and agent training you risk a reputational crisis that you will be ill equipped to manage. You need
  4. You are failing to realise the benefits of social media servicing. Unless you have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve and the metrics in place to help you chart your progress you have no hope of offering a service that makes clear business sense. You need measurement.

With this in mind we have developed a simple social media customer service maturity assessment to help you improve your offering.

The assessment is just 19 simple questions to help you work out where your gaps are, it takes about five minutes to complete.

Obviously we would love to help you take your social media servicing to the next level, so we are offering a free, no obligation consultation to discuss our recommendations for you if you complete the survey. However, if you’d prefer, we will just send you a summary report with suggestions on how you can improve.

The survey can be found here – why not try it out and see how your social customer service measures up?

Photo credit – formulaexo