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Social media – from your customers’ POV

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I was asked to speak at the Digital Charities meet up the other day. I spoke about social media – from your customers’ point of view. Here are my slides and notes, ‘Social media from your customers point of view’, below: Social – from your customer’s POV from BrightCultures ——————————————————————————————————————————————————- Presentation Notes Consumers of social media are getting bored. And I’m getting bored with social media too. I wrote a blog post about this before titled “I’m bored of social media” which gained a lot of traction. The reason I think people shared it so much is because they too feel the…

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20 lessons from the frontline of social customer service (part 1 of 3)

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Over the last few years I have helped a wide variety of organizations to embed best in class social customer service. From hugely risk averse and heavily regulated financial service organizations, to stiff upper-lipped government departments with global responsibility for citizen safety through to fmcg cereal and shampoo carelines, they have all required different solutions. However, setting up and delivering, best in class social customer service does require some core elements, so I thought it would be useful to distill this experience to give my 20 learnings from the frontline of social customer service. Over this series of 3 posts…

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What have BrightCultures been up to?

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Since we started BrightCultures back in March, we’ve been very busy bees! Here’s a brief update of what we’ve been working on at BrightCultures, together with our associate Michelle Goodall: We completed a big piece of social media strategy work across all of a large insurance company’s brands We created a social media strategy for a large charitable organisation that aligned their B2B and B2C engagement and presented a holistic view of the organisation externally We facilitated a workshop for a leading digital holiday company to help them set a vision for social media We developed a community strategy for another leading…

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Social customer service podcast – How to make a business case and deliver great service on social

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Yesterday I was interviewed by the lovely Paolo Fabrizio for my first ever podcast on social customer service. In it we discuss what it is and why it is important, right down to the nitty gritty of the essential steps to set up great social media servicing and how to manage the inherent risks of public customer engagement. If you have an interest in Social Customer Service and spare 45 minutes (a boring commute perhaps…?), I urge you to give it listen. I really enjoyed doing it and I think there’s some pretty useful stuff in there! If you prefer…

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Does your social media customer service measure up?

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Social media customer support is now something most businesses and organisations offer to one extent or another. In many cases social media servicing is just something that has happened because customers started sending queries on Twitter and Facebook. Usually the marketing or comms team starts to notice these and respond. Demand grows and the customer service team are drafted in to start dealing with support issues, often with little specialist training in social media best practice or etiquette. Worse still, in many businesses customers are still passed back into traditional channels to get their issues resolved. It’s all very ad hoc…

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How to offer the best social media servicing at scale

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If you’re going to be servicing customers on social media at scale, you will find it necessary to move from focusing provision on 1-on-1 support, to creating solutions that can pre-empt service needs. By pre-empting customer needs you can begin to offer proactive support and self-service options. The aim of this is not to remove the need for all contact with the bank, but to focus that need so that customers only require 1-on-1 support for more complex issues. This means creating a dynamic model of customer support, a model that actively reviews complaints data to identify opportunities that anticipate…

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How do you know if your social customer service is a success?

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I was asked the other day how I knew when a social media customer service solution is a success. Of course, any good servicing design should include a measurement and MI framework that can answer this precisely and provide exact insight into how close you are to achieving success and what you need to do next. However, there are some simple ‘litmus test’ clues that I think can show if you have the right approach. 1. Your customers are happy. Sure they will still have issues and complaints and you will never make absolutely everyone happy but when you are getting…

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5 ways to future-proof your strategy

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These are my key takeouts from a recent strategy roundtable event – 5 ways to future-proof your strategy: A question from the group emerged around how they could remain a commercial business and stay true to their values at the same time. All the companies present, from both for profit and NFPs, felt that being a values driven organisation was extremely crucial for providing commercial value because it leads to trust and loyalty. But it’s also a good indication of the health of the organisation itself, which is starting to be used as a key measure in some companies. 2….

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I’m bored of social media and here’s why…

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I’ve spent the last few years telling organisations to invest in social media, to create a Facebook Page, set up a Twitter presence, start buzz monitoring and to be equipped to engage customers in conversations online… …usually to find that most people are only concerned about not keeping up with their customers. And although this is a valid concern, it shouldn’t be the only reason for investing in social media. The thing is, I don’t actually care about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat etc. Although I think these can be really useful tools to help some of the more important…

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