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Allez! Allez! Digital Innovation

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I was talking with an associate the other day about supporting teams in adopting a digital innovation mentality. This goes beyond just a one-off solution, a brainstorm or company hack-day, the challenge is making digital innovation part of the culture so it becomes just the way in which we operate. I’ve been mulling on what I could design as a consultant to drive this change and then a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to see Sir Dave Brailsford, performance director of British cycling, speak about the theory of accumulation of marginal gains and how this was used to…

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Developing Resilient Organisations

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Being a resilient organisation means having the capability and engagement to deal with fast-moving, strategic challenges and opportunities. The aim of this whitepaper is to lay out the evidence of mindfulness practices in a way that helps do this. It Is intended for leaders and individuals who want to help develop resilient organisations, where the people within them can be more inspired, happy and empowered during volatile times.

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