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Stop excluding the high street from digital transformation

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I have a passion for helping big organisations transform and adapt to the changing and complex, connected world we live in today. I also feel a great deal of sadness when I see high street shops close down. Empty buildings in my home town is becoming the new norm. The once bright lights, buzz, a place to socialise and enjoy an experience together. Now its full of sad, grey empty shells.  But I also love internet shopping. Who couldn’t say they enjoy the perks of getting whatever you want at the touch of a button in your own home? The…

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Digital transformation: is yours truly transformative?

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What does digital transformation really mean? And what does it require? When Caz and I originally started BrightCultures we called ourselves a ‘digital transformation consultancy’. We had lots of experience at NixonMcinnes of writing strategies and helping organizations develop new mindsets for the 21st century. We worked hard internally in organizations to help them adjust to the challenges of a disrupted, digital marketplace. But no one really seemed (seems?) to have a handle on what digital transformation entailed, and for many it just meant doing the same stuff as always but on mobile, cloud or tablet. So that didn’t satisfy…

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A new model for crisis assessment

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A couple of months ago a client asked us how his front line customer service agents would be able to spot an issue or a crisis brewing on social media so they could escalate to the comms team appropriately. Not too difficult I thought, we’ve done similar things in the past to help agents identify potential wildfires and we’ve run a whole bunch of training sessions on how to handle social media issues. We’ve even run simulations to help organisations practice their crisis process and response on social media. So we created a simple check-list for agents to sit alongside…

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