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Allez! Allez! Digital Innovation

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I was talking with an associate the other day about supporting teams in adopting a digital innovation mentality. This goes beyond just a one-off solution, a brainstorm or company hack-day, the challenge is making digital innovation part of the culture so it becomes just the way in which we operate. I’ve been mulling on what I could design as a consultant to drive this change and then a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to see Sir Dave Brailsford, performance director of British cycling, speak about the theory of accumulation of marginal gains and how this was used to…

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Digital transformation: is yours truly transformative?

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What does digital transformation really mean? And what does it require? When Caz and I originally started BrightCultures we called ourselves a ‘digital transformation consultancy’. We had lots of experience at NixonMcinnes of writing strategies and helping organizations develop new mindsets for the 21st century. We worked hard internally in organizations to help them adjust to the challenges of a disrupted, digital marketplace. But no one really seemed (seems?) to have a handle on what digital transformation entailed, and for many it just meant doing the same stuff as always but on mobile, cloud or tablet. So that didn’t satisfy…

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Proactive Customer Service

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We’re pleased to announce our latest whitepaper which has been co-written with leading customer experience expert, Adrian Swinscoe, on how to ‘transform your customer experience by making your customer service proactive‘. Traditionally customer service is reactive, but reactive customer service is both expensive and un-engaging. Meanwhile, proactive customer service offers cost savings and customer engagement opportunities.  Firms need to look at what reactive customer service is actually costing them, in terms of extra resources and costs and what they are, potentially, losing out on. This whitepaper; highlights the business case for offering proactive customer service showcases some great examples of…

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What have BrightCultures been up to?

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Since we started BrightCultures back in March, we’ve been very busy bees! Here’s a brief update of what we’ve been working on at BrightCultures, together with our associate Michelle Goodall: We completed a big piece of social media strategy work across all of a large insurance company’s brands We created a social media strategy for a large charitable organisation that aligned their B2B and B2C engagement and presented a holistic view of the organisation externally We facilitated a workshop for a leading digital holiday company to help them set a vision for social media We developed a community strategy for another leading…

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How do you know if your social customer service is a success?

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I was asked the other day how I knew when a social media customer service solution is a success. Of course, any good servicing design should include a measurement and MI framework that can answer this precisely and provide exact insight into how close you are to achieving success and what you need to do next. However, there are some simple ‘litmus test’ clues that I think can show if you have the right approach. 1. Your customers are happy. Sure they will still have issues and complaints and you will never make absolutely everyone happy but when you are getting…

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5 ways to future-proof your strategy

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These are my key takeouts from a recent strategy roundtable event – 5 ways to future-proof your strategy: A question from the group emerged around how they could remain a commercial business and stay true to their values at the same time. All the companies present, from both for profit and NFPs, felt that being a values driven organisation was extremely crucial for providing commercial value because it leads to trust and loyalty. But it’s also a good indication of the health of the organisation itself, which is starting to be used as a key measure in some companies. 2….

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Reconnecting to purpose in 300 Seconds

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Last night I spoke at 300 Seconds Brighton – an event to empower more women in the digital community to do public speaking. I haven’t done a lot of public speaking before so thought it would be a good opportunity to practice. I had originally intended to talk about social media. However, as my talk evolved, it became much less about this and I realised that what I was actually talking about goes beyond digital marketing, although the thinking can still be applied to this. So, I threw the rule book out and delivered this talk anyway. I talked about…

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