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Digital transformation: is yours truly transformative?

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What does digital transformation really mean? And what does it require? When Caz and I originally started BrightCultures we called ourselves a ‘digital transformation consultancy’. We had lots of experience at NixonMcinnes of writing strategies and helping organizations develop new mindsets for the 21st century. We worked hard internally in organizations to help them adjust to the challenges of a disrupted, digital marketplace. But no one really seemed (seems?) to have a handle on what digital transformation entailed, and for many it just meant doing the same stuff as always but on mobile, cloud or tablet. So that didn’t satisfy…

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5 tips for building a successful internal social network – lessons from the frontline with Aviva Investors

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Last week, I had a very interesting catch-up with friend, Tony Stewart. Tony is an internal communications executive at Aviva Investors  and he agreed to talk me through his social business journey. Key to Aviva investor’s internal comms social initiative has been the introduction of Yammer* to help their global teams connect, collaborate and share. (*Yammer is an internal social network a bit like Twitter that allows colleagues to have real time conversations and share information – more info here) In the 18 months it has been active, Tony has seen the Yammer network thrive and currently, he estimates that…

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