Bright things for customer-obsessed brands #5

Bright things for customer-obsessed brands #5

Caz Yetman

A fortnightly round-up of bright things for customer-obsessed brands wanting to thrive in a digital world.


Social Customer Care: Do Millienials Really Matter?
A great piece from Guy Stephens on the disconnect between the thinking of a CxO, the way orgs are structured and the way the customers buy, communicate, engage, complain, interact and experience.
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10 ways Amazon has changed customer service in 20 years

“Back in Amazon’s early years, the company was a small yet innovative bookseller, providing little indication that it would one day grow into the e-commerce behemoth that it has become. Today, Jeff Bezos’s baby is the largest e-retailer in the United States, generating over $80 billion in revenue as of 2014. Without any brick-and-mortar locations to attract customers and develop relationships, Amazon has had to build its reputation through the effectiveness of its online customer experience and service. The company brought trust and transparency to a shopping experience that was previously considered unreliable, paved the way for an e-commerce boom, and set a standard for customer satisfaction that other brands now abide by.”

Read the 10 ways Amazon has changed.


How do you measure a social team?
This blog from Conversocial helps managers to understand what training to offer agents and ensure they have the right resource at the right times.
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How to offer the best social media servicing at scale
In case you missed it, this post helps orgs service large volumes of customers on social media and offer proactive customer servicing.
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4 signs Facebook is pushing for social customer service
Save time and improve your servicing with these four native features from Facebook including – saved replies, unread messengers prompt, ‘very responsive to messages’ icon and the launch of Business on Messenger.
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I came across this handy little guide this week. It’s the Future Care Glossary – the ultimate guide to all things related to social customer care. From ACD to WFO, it’s essentially a huge list of terms used in social customer service and their definitions.
View the social customer care glossary .

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