Bright things for customer-obsessed brands #4

Bright things for customer-obsessed brands #4

Caz Yetman

Bright things for customer-obsessed brands wanting to thrive in a digital world.


A blog from Joshua March, Conversocial CEO, about how the new changes to Twitter DM’s will have a big impact for brands solving customer service issues on TwitterRead more.

This first in a new series of podcasts called, ‘Focus on Customer Service’, features Natanya Anderson, the global director of social media, CRM and customer service for Whole Foods Market. It’s worth a listen if you’d like to learn more about Whole Foods’ philiosophy toward customer service, the role it plays within the company and tips on how to create better customer outcomes. Listen now.

“I want people to have such great experiences with our customer care team that they want to tell other people about how great the care was and then how much that makes them an advocate for Whole Foods Market.” - Natanya Anders, the global director of social media, CRM and customer service for Whole Foods Market.

Incase you missed it, a new post from Danielle on creating a new model for crisis assessment for a large bank, to help the comms and customer teams in evaluating the impact of an issue quickly and efficiently to guide the level and tone of response. Check it out.

This whitepaper, from Brand Embassy, is worthy of a download (despite the spelling mistake on page 3). It’s the Innovator’s Guide to Social Customer Care’ and includes some predictions on the future of customer service and practical tips for setting up and optimising customer service and increasing agents happiness. Download the whitepaper.

Facebook now shows how quickly admins respond to customer’s questions. It isn’t available on all Pages yet, but Facebook plans to roll this out to all Pages in the near future. Read up on the changes.


Harnessing the voice of the customer in social media [WEBINAR] Tuesday, June 23, 2015 – 12:00pm (EST)
They say you will learn:

  • Move beyond measurement and start analyzing consumer conversations
  • Uncover insights about your brand, competitors, product category and audience
  • Leverage emerging trends for higher performing marketing decisions
  • Minimize risk by trusting the voice of your customer


Building Your Customer Service Strategy for the Post-Voice Era [WEBINAR] June 30 | 1pm ET
LivePerson & Call Center IQ say you will learn:

  • Why chat and messaging technology alone are limited in the impact on your brand’s effectiveness, staff utilisation, and labor costs
  • Some of the most often overlooked elements of a messaging program and why they are the most essential
  • How successful brands use technology along a continuous improvement process to increase revenue, drive customer satisfaction, and create greater value in their investments

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