Bright things for customer-obsessed brands #3

Bright things for customer-obsessed brands #3

Caz Yetman

Bright things for customer-obsessed brands wanting to thrive in a digital world.


Starbucks partnered with Spotify to empower baristas to influence customer experience
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‘The Cheating Strategist’s guide to Mary Meeker’s Digital trends 2015’ has some good insight into mobile and digital trends and consumer behaviour. See the slideshare below:

I took part in a webinar last week on ‘digitising the customer experience in banking‘ with panel experts from Barclays, Santander, Lloyds and Cofax.
Watch the entire recorded webinar here, or read my highlights below:

  • Put customers at the heart of the business and innovation will happen
  • The majority of investment from banks in the next 5 years will go into mobile and apps
  • Security and convenience are the two most important things for banking customers right now
  • Banks need to become more agile. Currently they can’t move fast enough. 20:20 will be the threshold
  • Innovation will focus on helping to build trust, and biometrics will be crucial
  • Digital will be the key focus but most banks will also maintain face-to-face for more complex issues
  • One of the key challenges of digital for banks is scaling at mass whilst being secure
  • Another key challenge for banks is overhauling legacy systems. To avoid the huge costs associated with this, the focus is on overhauling legacy systems instead
  • Increased consumer insight, reduced costs, better experience for a large section of demographics and personalisation are all seen as key opportunities for digital
  • Customer feedback should evolve the digital strategy
  • Barclays was the first bank in the UK to hire a chief digital officer
  • Santander is currently evolving its culture to become more digitally friendly. Trust and having a strong sense of purpose is crucial to this shift.

Here’s a good little case study with 7 ways T-Mobile uses social media to provide awesome customer service.
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Econsultancy’s crowdsourced blog post features @brightcultures – ‘How will digital marketing evolve in the next 10 years?’
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Using Social Customer Collaboration to Promote Revenue Generating Engagement – The Premier Farnell Story [Webinar] June 30th at 1pm (BST)

Using Social Media to Partner with your Customers. Hosted by Post Office [Conference] June 30th at 8:30 – 11:30 am
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