Stop excluding the high street from digital transformation

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I have a passion for helping big organisations transform and adapt to the changing and complex, connected world we live in today. I also feel a great deal of sadness when I see high street shops close down. Empty buildings in my home town is becoming the new norm. The once bright lights, buzz, a place to socialise and enjoy an experience together. Now its full of sad, grey empty shells.  But I also love internet shopping. Who couldn’t say they enjoy the perks of getting whatever you want at the touch of a button in your own home? The…

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Allez! Allez! Digital Innovation

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I was talking with an associate the other day about supporting teams in adopting a digital innovation mentality. This goes beyond just a one-off solution, a brainstorm or company hack-day, the challenge is making digital innovation part of the culture so it becomes just the way in which we operate. I’ve been mulling on what I could design as a consultant to drive this change and then a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to see Sir Dave Brailsford, performance director of British cycling, speak about the theory of accumulation of marginal gains and how this was used to…

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Succeeding in Social Media within Regulated Industries

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Last week I was invited to be part of an My Community Manager / emoderation  panel discussing social media in regulated industries. I thought it might be worth providing a transcript of my responses here for organisations regulated industries (since I’ve taken the time to prepare them, I may as well blog them too!) Please bear in mind I was talking in relation to Financial Services primarily. If you want to see the full discussion and the responses for Pharma and Alcohol firms, you can view the full conversation here. Q. There is no doubt that companies in regulated industries…

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Social media – from your customers’ POV

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I was asked to speak at the Digital Charities meet up the other day. I spoke about social media – from your customers’ point of view. Here are my slides and notes, ‘Social media from your customers point of view’, below: Social – from your customer’s POV from BrightCultures ——————————————————————————————————————————————————- Presentation Notes Consumers of social media are getting bored. And I’m getting bored with social media too. I wrote a blog post about this before titled “I’m bored of social media” which gained a lot of traction. The reason I think people shared it so much is because they too feel the…

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How to service your customers on Facebook in 2016

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Almost one-third of consumers use Facebook to get support from customer service teams (ZDNet) It’s no wonder then, that Facebook has been significantly developing its brand presence to help organisations embrace the platform as a serious customer service channel.  This is a brief guide to help organisations understand how to use new Facebook features to take their customer service to the next level. Redesigned inbox What: The redesigned inbox helps admins view message streams from a customer, quickly view basic profile information (e.g. location), tag conversations and add notes about customers. Why: Brands no longer need to move customers to…

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Bright things for customer-obsessed brands #11

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A round-up of bright things for customer-obsessed brands wanting to thrive in a digital world. BRIGHT IDEAS Social media-informed digital clothing rail launches as part of campaign to boost towns fortunes through digital A ‘live feed’ digital clothing rail  shows when an item on the rail is trending – or not – on Facebook or Instagram. I love this effort to create better customer experiences in high street shops. They won’t stick around much longer if they continue to be excluded from digital transformation. More of this please!  BRIGHT INSIGHTS The social customer is a maverick – they don’t play by the…

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Bright things for customer-obsessed brands #10

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A round-up of bright things for customer-obsessed brands wanting to thrive in a digital world. BRIGHT IDEAS Swisscom bolsters its in field social customer care through crowdsourcing [by Adrian Swinscoe] Love this idea to help large organisations tap into the sharing economy “to help large orgs crowdsource customer service and build extend service communities by empowering an organisations customers to help other customers in the field, at their homes and in real time”. Conversocial powers social customer care on Facebook Messenger Recent changes from Conversocial helps organisations provide end-to-end social customer service by integrating directly with Facebook Messenger. This means orgs can talk…

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Digital transformation: Is yours truly transformative? (Part 2 of 2)

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Last week I talked about the idea that if businesses are to survive in the 21st century the need customer and digital in their DNA, “entwined and working together, internally and externally, to create truly transformative results.” I also talked about how this needs to be a cultural and operational shift in the way the business works, and I then suggested that there was a radical new idea that could help you achieve this in your business with its digital transformation… Before I tell you what this is, I want to explore why this is so difficult to achieve currently….

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Digital transformation: is yours truly transformative?

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What does digital transformation really mean? And what does it require? When Caz and I originally started BrightCultures we called ourselves a ‘digital transformation consultancy’. We had lots of experience at NixonMcinnes of writing strategies and helping organizations develop new mindsets for the 21st century. We worked hard internally in organizations to help them adjust to the challenges of a disrupted, digital marketplace. But no one really seemed (seems?) to have a handle on what digital transformation entailed, and for many it just meant doing the same stuff as always but on mobile, cloud or tablet. So that didn’t satisfy…

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20 learnings from the frontline of social customer service (part 3 of 3)

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This week in the third and final part of my 20 learnings from the frontline of social customer service, I share insights 15-20 (part 1 and part 2 here). 15. Build lines of communication across the business: Great social customer service can’t work in isolation. They need a two-way dialogue with other departments, for example, with product or marketing teams to understand when new launches or campaigns go out, so that the social servicing team is ready and prepared and also briefed to share feedback and insight. Consider how your teams collaborate internally and share learning; do you need to…

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