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How to offer the best social media servicing at scale

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If you’re going to be servicing customers on social media at scale, you will find it necessary to move from focusing provision on 1-on-1 support, to creating solutions that can pre-empt service needs. By pre-empting customer needs you can begin to offer proactive support and self-service options. The aim of this is not to remove the need for all contact with the bank, but to focus that need so that customers only require 1-on-1 support for more complex issues. This means creating a dynamic model of customer support, a model that actively reviews complaints data to identify opportunities that anticipate…

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Bright things for customer-obsessed brands #4

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Bright things for customer-obsessed brands wanting to thrive in a digital world. BRIGHT IDEAS A blog from Joshua March, Conversocial CEO, about how the new changes to Twitter DM’s will have a big impact for brands solving customer service issues on Twitter. Read more. This first in a new series of podcasts called, ‘Focus on Customer Service’, features Natanya Anderson, the global director of social media, CRM and customer service for Whole Foods Market. It’s worth a listen if you’d like to learn more about Whole Foods’ philiosophy toward customer service, the role it plays within the company and tips on how…

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A new model for crisis assessment

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A couple of months ago a client asked us how his front line customer service agents would be able to spot an issue or a crisis brewing on social media so they could escalate to the comms team appropriately. Not too difficult I thought, we’ve done similar things in the past to help agents identify potential wildfires and we’ve run a whole bunch of training sessions on how to handle social media issues. We’ve even run simulations to help organisations practice their crisis process and response on social media. So we created a simple check-list for agents to sit alongside…

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Bright things for customer-obsessed brands #3

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Bright things for customer-obsessed brands wanting to thrive in a digital world. BRIGHT IDEAS Starbucks partnered with Spotify to empower baristas to influence customer experience Read more ‘The Cheating Strategist’s guide to Mary Meeker’s Digital trends 2015’ has some good insight into mobile and digital trends and consumer behaviour. See the slideshare below: I took part in a webinar last week on ‘digitising the customer experience in banking‘ with panel experts from Barclays, Santander, Lloyds and Cofax. Watch the entire recorded webinar here, or read my highlights below: Put customers at the heart of the business and innovation will happen The…

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