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5 ways to future-proof your strategy

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These are my key takeouts from a recent strategy roundtable event – 5 ways to future-proof your strategy: A question from the group emerged around how they could remain a commercial business and stay true to their values at the same time. All the companies present, from both for profit and NFPs, felt that being a values driven organisation was extremely crucial for providing commercial value because it leads to trust and loyalty. But it’s also a good indication of the health of the organisation itself, which is starting to be used as a key measure in some companies. 2….

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I’m bored of social media and here’s why…

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I’ve spent the last few years telling organisations to invest in social media, to create a Facebook Page, set up a Twitter presence, start buzz monitoring and to be equipped to engage customers in conversations online… …usually to find that most people are only concerned about not keeping up with their customers. And although this is a valid concern, it shouldn’t be the only reason for investing in social media. The thing is, I don’t actually care about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat etc. Although I think these can be really useful tools to help some of the more important…

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Does your business have a social customer service mindset?

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Many organisations now have an active social media servicing presence but all too often, having set up their servicing it is just left to run by itself. This seems crazy to me and it means that these businesses are missing a huge opportunity – to develop a social customer mindset. You wouldn’t run any other part of your business without a vision or a strategy, so why would your social customer service initiative be any different? If you have launched your social servicing and then just left it to languish, now is the time to take stock. Ask yourself what…

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