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At your service: 5 key points to help you on your own social customer service journey

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It’s customer service first and foremost Many businesses assume young people are best placed to deliver social customer service, as they are used to operating on social media and familiar with the technology.  This is a mistake. Supporting and helping customers is a skill in itself, whatever the medium.  It requires sensitivity, maturity and excellent problem-solving skills. Remember, social customer service is still customer service and the people that can deliver this best are your customer service agents. An understanding of social media is vital These agents will also require a firm grounding in social technology.  They will need training…

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Developing Resilient Organisations

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Being a resilient organisation means having the capability and engagement to deal with fast-moving, strategic challenges and opportunities. The aim of this whitepaper is to lay out the evidence of mindfulness practices in a way that helps do this. It Is intended for leaders and individuals who want to help develop resilient organisations, where the people within them can be more inspired, happy and empowered during volatile times.

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A 10 step model for delivering an effective conduct risk culture

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The conduct risk imperative The FCA’s recent focus on conduct risk marks a significant shift in mindset for most financial organisations. Leaving the term ‘conduct risk’ deliberately undefined, the FCA has been clear that it is up to individual firms to decide what ‘good’ conduct and customer outcomes mean for them. Moreover, the onus is on firms to show that they have done this thinking and modified their business accordingly. There are no set procedures, policies and frameworks to follow; the FCA has said they will assess conduct risk by looking at areas across the firm’s business and behaviour to…

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